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Can I change the placement of my image within the product?

Yes you can! Watch this short video tutorial to see how easy it is to adjust the crop of your image at the chosen print size OR follow these simple steps after uploading your images:

The preview you see after uploading your image shows you how the image will crop at your chosen print size.

To edit the way your file is cropped, click the edit icon


The shaded area you see is the part of your print which will be cropped. If you want to make changes, adjust the print area and then click Save to return to the large preview screen. 

Once you’re happy with your edits, click APPLY.


My image is portrait but the product preview is landscape. 
What do I do?

To upload your portrait image to fit the landscape preview, simply Rotate the thumbnail before you Send to background
Uploading your image sideways will not affect the outcome of your printed product in any way. 


Note: If you think it isn’t obvious which way the hanger needs to be placed please leave instructions in the Comments box at the checkout.


What does the Image Quality Rating % actually mean?

This rating gives you an indication of how well your image will print at the size selected.  It is to be used as a guide only.  We suggest that a rating above 50% is acceptable.  If your image returns a rating lower than 50% we recommend that you select a smaller print size for that image.