The Most Breathtaking Aurora Australis Photography

You’ve most likely come across phenomenal photography of the Northern Lights but did you know that Australia’s southern skies have an equally mesmerizing display?

The Southern Hemisphere’s version of auroras – the Aurora Australis - is a magical phenomenon that happens when electrically charged electrons and protons race and collide across the Earth’s magnetic field.

The optimal time to schedule a few days of shooting the sky would be in winter (March to September). Keep in mind that in order to really capture the glory of the lights, photographers will need a lot of patience - as well as the right gear.

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Pet Photography Tips: How To Prepare Your Furry Friend

There is nothing like coming home and having your pet greet you with loving eyes. The joy pets bring to families is irreplaceable, and as a result they are often spoilt with love.

As VIP members of the family, it’s become very popular to bring along pets to family photoshoots, or even arrange specific shoots just for your furry friends.

Preparing for a pet photography session involves more than just setting up a great environment to shoot; it also entails priming your pet so that they’re in the best mood possible.

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8 Reasons Why Online Photo Printing is Better than Traditional Printing

There have been a lot of changes in the photo printing industry over the past few decades and the biggest leap forward happened with online photo printing.

The transition from printing from film in chemical baths to printing from digital files has had a few milestones along the way.

When this technology was initially introduced, you’d still have to take your digital camera down to the local store and connect by USB or have everything saved on a flash drive.

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Photography Trends 2017: 5 Styles You Should Be Shooting

As with any industry, all practitioners and hobbyists should be in touch with the latest trends within their industry.

In our opinion, 2017 is going to focus on extremes. From monochrome, to colour travel shots, to more natural as well as candid photography styling. Discover the 5 most popular trends we can expect to rise in 2017.

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