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Lustre Paper (Standard Photographic Finish) 

1-2 business day production + freight time

We know your memories are precious which is why we print your photographs on professional High Definition lustre paper laminated for extra protection.

Designed for the professional photographic market, this lustre surface paper has brilliant image quality; enabling white whites, rich blacks, vibrant colours and excellent flesh reproduction. Lustre prints are requested by professionals due to the excellent quality without the added glare of a gloss finish. With exceptional sharpness your images will have a professional edge without the price tag and you can be sure you keep your memories safe for years to come!

Metallic Paper

Up to 5 business days turnaround + freight time

Metallic Paper adds a unique flair to your photographs. With a high contrast, “chrome-on-paper” look, metallic paper adds extreme vibrancy to colours, giving your image greater detail and depth.

Our metallic paper provides exceptional sharpness, brightness, and colour saturation for a three dimensional effect. The deep clarity, vivid quality and black density creates striking visual appeal with a distinctive metallic eye-catching appearance.

Important information about the print preview
The preview you see after uploading your image shows you how the image will crop at your chosen print size. To edit the way your file is cropped, click the edit icon and then select Adjust Background. The shaded area you see is the part of your print which will be cropped. Adjust the print area and then click Apply if you want to make changes. If you require further assistance please contact us, we’re happy to help!

SizeLustre paperMetallic paper
4x4" (10x10cm) 70¢ -
4x6" (10x15cm) 70¢ $2.20
5x5" (12.5x12.5cm) 70¢ $2.20
5x7" (12.5x18cm) 80¢ $3.00
5x7.5" (12.5x19cm) 80¢ $3.20
6x8" (15x20cm) $3.20 $4.30
7x7" (18x18cm) $3.20 $4.30
8x8" (20x20cm) $3.80 $5.20
8x10" (20x25cm) $4.30 $6.50
8x12" (20x30cm) $5.40 $7.10
10x10" (25x25cm) $8.70 $10.90
10x15" (25x38cm) $10.90 $14.20
10x20" (25x51cm) $16.40 $20.80
11x14" (28x36cm) $15.30 $20.00
12x12" (30x30cm) $15.30 $20.00
12x16" (30x41cm) $16.00 $20.70
12x18" (30x46cm) $16.40 $25.20
12x30" (30x76cm) $35.10 $46.10
14x14" (36x36cm) $16.10 $20.50
15x45" (38x114cm) $49.40 $62.60
16x16" (41x41cm) $26.30 $34.30
16x20" (41x51cm) $32.90 $42.80
16x24" (41x61cm) $32.90 $42.80
16x32" (41x81cm) $49.40 $64.80
20x20" (51x51cm) $37.30 $48.30
20x24" (51x61cm) $43.90 $57.10
20x30" (51x76cm) $54.90 $71.40
24x36" (61x91cm) $65.90 $85.70
30x30" (76x76cm) $71.40 $91.20
30x45" (76x114cm) $87.90 $114.30
A5 (210x148mm) $3.20 -
A4 (297x210mm) $5.40 -
A3 (420x297mm) $16.40 -
A2 (594x420mm) $32.90 -
A1 (841x594mm) $65.90 -
A0 (1189x841mm) $132.80 -