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Will you fix my images before printing?

No, the service is designed to work from your files as supplied to us.

How much do photobooks cost?

Here at Nushots we have several different books available, please view photobook pricing here.

What kind of computer do I need to make a book?

Any PC or Mac computer made in the past 2 years and connected to the internet will be capable of running this software. Of course, the software will run faster on a faster machine with more RAM.

How long does it take to layout a Nushots book?

There is an auto fill feature that can take a while as it does the whole job for you. Typically a small book can take an hour of your time. You are in control of designing your book so you can take as little or as long a period of time as you like. The longest amount of time you will probably spend is in choosing the images!

Can I get the pages laminated to make the book more durable?

Yes, we offer gloss or matte laminate for your pages in Deluxe, Premium and Classic book ranges, it can be selected as an optional extra when ordering.

How can I put a picture on the cover of my book?

Photo covers are available in all book ranges except Express.

What is a dust cover and how do I get one?

A dust cover is a loose cover that wraps around the hard cover of your custom cover album and it has the same image as your hard cover. It is also an optional feature of Express book.

Will the book size be the cover or page size?

The book size is the cover size, so hard cover books may have pages slightly smaller than the listed book size. Please note however, that it is possible for the book size to vary up to 5mm from specifications.