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File Name Conventions

What are the requirements for naming my files?

Our software will only accept file names up to 24 characters long. Please be aware that should your file name be longer than this, it will be cut off at this point and the shortened name will then be printed on the back of the image. Please also avoid using special symbols

Will you fix my images before printing?

No, the service is designed to work from your files as supplied to us.

What size and format do my files need to be?

Uploading files to your projects is easy. To upload files ensure your image files are in JPEG format and at 300 DPI for optimum print quality.

Will sending tiff files give me better prints than jpegs?

The simple answer is no. It is nearly impossible to tell by eye a print made from a tiff or a high quality jpeg.

Is custom print sizing available?

Our printers are limited to standard print sizes only.

What kind of computer do I need to make a book?

Any PC or Mac computer made in the past 2 years and connected to the internet will be capable of running this software. Of course, the software will run faster on a faster machine with more RAM.

Will my pictures and pages be cropped?

Yes. All printed products require some final trimming (up to 3mm from each side) to ensure a neat finish. It is very important that critical image details are not within this area known as 'bleed' as they may be lost during trimming process. See below for more information.