12 Fun Wedding Photo Ideas For Your Special Day

Everybody wants their special day to be the happiest, most memorable one of their lives, but many struggle with finding creative, comfortable and innovative ways to photograph their big moments.

It’s not uncommon for photographers to come across bridal parties who aren’t comfortable in front of the camera, which is why so many specialty wedding photographers now focus on taking natural, unposed shots.

Having a photographer with good ideas is helpful, but if you can, having a portfolio of great ideas before the big day will help settle those butterflies.

Creating the most stunning layflat wedding albums in the business means we get to see all manner of beautiful shots. Our team here at NuShots are ideally placed to compile these creative wedding photography inspirations to get your ideas flowing.

Stunning Wedding Photo Ideas For Your Special Day

These fun and awe-inspiring wedding photo styles will be sure to set your special day apart from the rest.

1. The Preparation Process (Bride’s side)

Fun Wedding Bride Preparation

The big day is here but not all brides have to begin their special day in panic. Capture your bridal preparation process in your finishing touches before walking down that aisle!

It’s a great idea to organise this with both your photographer and stylists beforehand, that way you can ensure that your photographer is with you at just the right time to capture the magic moments.

2. The Preparation Process (Groom’s side)

Fun Wedding Groom Preparation

Who says the wedding day is only special for the bride? Groomsmen can hop in on the fun too and capture the groom getting ready for his (equally) big day or playful pictures before standing at the altar.

Capturing the spirit of friendship in these settings can give you the kind of personality filled pictures that make fantastic gifts for your bridal party.

These intimately viewed preparation photos create a window into the couple’s story and bring you right into the heart of the day.

3. Aerial shots

Fun Wedding Aerial shots

Aerial and drone shots create the ultimate wow-factor and are now far more achievable than even five years ago. The alternate point of view from these shots creates an impressive, dramatic photo worthy of a Hollywood epic.

4. Pinky Promises

Fun Wedding Pinky Promises

An alternative to the traditional hand-holding pic, show off your wedding rings in a unique yet sentimental tone with a pinky promise pic!

5. Bridal Shower Celebrations

Fun Wedding Bridal Shower Celebrations

Whether it is a glamorous party or a small get together, the bridal shower is an unforgettable day that should live in photographs forever.

The secret to getting great shots at these events is about perspective. Think about all of the little details you take in, and imagine the shot from your own perspective.

Holding up your champagne to toast the bride? Have photos taken over your shoulder and become a part of the action rather than an outside observer.

6. Don’t Forget the Children!

Fun Wedding Don't Forget the Children

Children make for the best candid pictures out there so a couple of playful shots will definitely add colour and fun to any celebration.

Organising some simple games will not only help keep them entertained, but will allow your photographer to capture this style of active shot and showcase the playfulness of movement.

7. Get Fun with Food

Fun Wedding Get Fun with Food

Defy convention and the classic cutting the white wedding cake shot by getting fun with food!

8. Up in the Air!

Fun Wedding Up in the Air

Image: boredpanda.com

For the more adventurous (and trusting) bride, activity shots with your bridal party can capture the joy of the day in incredible style. This is definitely one to practice with friends before the big day and work with your photographer closely on.

You don’t want to try and take this type shot more than once so preparation and practice is key. Keep in mind that your photographer will need to be experienced with action shots and if this exhilarating style appeals to you, shop around to find the right team.

9. Into the Sunset

Fun Wedding Into the Sunset

Sunrise or sunset, the “Golden Hour” has so many perfect opportunities for capturing dreamy photographs. Striking silhouettes or the soft warm glow of sunset creating a romantic mood, using these times of day present you with great options.

Again, planning the time of your shoot to get the light right is paramount, after all, sunset waits for no one!

10. Bride and Groom, Side to Side

Fun Wedding Bride and Groom, Side to Side

Wedding photos don’t always have to be at the altar, the bride and groom can appear side by side in so many creative ways!

Showcasing your individual personalities, these side by side shots are something to have fun with and by making a game of it you’re more likely to capture the spontaneous expressions of joy.

11. Novelty Socks Shot

Fun Wedding Novelty Socks Shot

Socks are a stealthy way to bring some secret fun to a wedding party. Get the groomsmen to personalise their outfits with a secret touch that represents their sense of humour. Think about what brought you together as a group of friends and how you can represent that theme.

We’ve seen socks, matching themed cufflinks, even matching trainers!

12. Bride & Bridesmaids

Fun Wedding Bride & Bridesmaids

Behind every bride are her bridesmaid. These are the women who she cannot live without, and who have helped her on her become the woman she is today.

This style of behind-the-back shot is a less formal pose than straight to camera and puts the spotlight onto their beautiful gowns and perfectly cascading hair. The overall feel is more intimate than a traditional group shot, and includes the subtle movement of the hemlines for gentle action.

With your wedding day on the horizon, planning how you want to remember your special day and preparing for the key ingredients to capture those moments will help you feel more relaxed on the day.

At NuShots we know that the key to a great photo is a genuine one, and being relaxed in front of the camera is something you can achieve. As photo-printing specialists, with the highest quality products you can complete the perfection of your day with having your wedding photos printed with us for complete happiness. We guarantee it.

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