How to Plan your Wedding Album before the big day

What is your story?

So much time and effort go into making your Wedding Day a big success that planning your perfect wedding album at the same time makes so much sense. Your wedding photo album is one tangible reminder you can have to bring back the kaleidoscope of emotions you both felt.

This is the day you want to capture from beginning to end, but how best to tell that story? By storyboarding your celebration.

Creating a Treasured Wedding Photo Album

If you’re like many 21st century couples, you’ll be doing a bit of wedding planning on Pinterest. You can use this as a simple and accessible tool to begin storyboarding your ideas. For example-

Capture the tiny moments of preparation in the quietness before the day like breakfast time. Are you at home, in a hotel suite? Are you together or apart? Have you left messages or love notes for each other?

Highlight the details of the dress, your hair, makeup, flowers, the shoes, and the rings for both the bride and groom.


Fondly remember the people you care about who join you in this intensely emotional time, watching the anticipation build.

The weather - No matter what the skies offer on the day, focus in on the opportunities like a sunny summer’s morning when the light break across the room or rain drops hanging from petals.

How do you journey to your wedding destination? Do you walk through the park as autumn leaves fall or travel in style in a vintage Rolls Royce, so shiny you can see your face in the duco?


Capture the faces of those who first see you arrive, the same expressions seen as if from your eyes..

Thinking of the day from your own eye line, rather than as an outsider looking in, you’ll become aware of moments that as they would be seen by you. These little details, shot from the perspective of the Bride and Groom, are the key to capturing your story in pictures that help you relive the day.

By looking at the plan for your big day, you’ll be able to highlight more of the moments you want your photographer to capture ahead of time. When you have a clear idea of the story you want your album to tell, you’ll be able to communicate this and ensure that not only do you get the pictures you want, but those detailed shots that help to piece together the larger story.


It’s also helpful to have an idea of how substantial you want your album to be. How many pages will you need, what type of paper finish, which cover or even how many albums?

Using our professional in-house wedding album design service means you’ll be able to answer these questions and create a truly memorable record of your day. The simplicity of being able to upload your photos, choose the style and personalisation of your album, then leave the creative to our team of graphic designers, means you can focus on how to enjoy your treasured memento.

The NuShots professional wedding album creation journey is the most elegant way to showcase and share the beginning of your life together.