Photography Trends 2017: 5 Styles You Should Be Shooting

As with any industry, all practitioners and hobbyists should be in touch with the latest trends within their industry.

In our opinion, 2017 is going to focus on extremes. From monochrome, to colour travel shots, to more natural as well as candid photography styling. Discover the 5 most popular trends we can expect to rise in 2017.

Top 5 Photography Trends for 2017

1. More Authenticity


It appears fewer people are now drawn to classic “posed” photos. Take wedding photos as an example, we are seeing a spike in candid wedding day shoots or at the very least, the rise of “in the moment” photos. These photos bring more realness and provide people with a lasting snap of genuine moments of their day.

2. Flora


Have you noticed in print, advertisements, Instagram, and photography blogs how people are using more plant accents in their photos? We’re not exactly sure at what point green leafy feeds began, but this is definitely an up and coming style. Interior design images often capture striking giant palm fronds in a corner or artfully arranged mini gardens on a desk. This is related to the natural movement and nature appreciation we’ve seen take in food choices, transportation, and overall eco-friendly lifestyles. Think colour blocking, vibrant hues, and jungle feels.

3. Monochrome


Has this ever REALLY gone out of style? Regardless, it’s going to be pretty big this year. We predict black and white will make a pretty drastic comeback in 2017. Not just for dramatic effect but for a large impact. A well designed black and white layout can be as striking as a colour-pop campaign. For marketing purposes, there’s a lot to be said for monochrome images and a brightly coloured logo – that’s a guaranteed impact on your audience.

4. Retro Swag

Retro Swag

For those with experience using Polaroid Instax cameras, you will know that the photos produced provide an airy and bright, retro feel. This style of photography is picking up speed and inspiring the arts world. We’ve seen fashion and art shoots taking style and inspiration from the retro production of Polaroid style photos; a definite nod to analogue photography. Even with smartphones still dominating the digital sphere, the retro vibe and distinctness of age-old film rolls is something more people are beginning to appreciate.

5. Travel and Discovery

Travel and Discovery

More and more people are getting their passports and traveling the world. Travel photographers to share their journey and this year, it’s going to take it to the next level. This year, we think the race is going to be focused on finding “next big thing.” Undiscovered travel spots, niche destinations and placed untouched by man – be it the top of a mountain, inside of a cliff or a new hole in the wall – we’re going to be making plenty of discoveries.

Although it’s always good to keep up with the trends, there is value in going rogue, venturing away from the mainstream and creating something truly unique. As you go boldly where no one has gone before, it’s important to be proud of your work and bring it to life. While social media is an excellent way to inspire others and share your work, you consider showcasing your work through other means. Bring your work to life by bringing it into the physical world!

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With NuShots, quality photo printing has never been more convenient and satisfying. Contact us to learn more about your photo printing options. Regardless of what picks up this year, always remember to stay true to your vision, passion and individual style. As we venture deeper into 2017, it will be interesting to see what other photography styles pick up.