Pet Photography Tips: How To Prepare Your Furry Friend

There is nothing like coming home and having your pet greet you with loving eyes. The joy pets bring to families is irreplaceable, and as a result they are often spoilt with love.

As VIP members of the family, it’s become very popular to bring along pets to family photoshoots, or even arrange specific shoots just for your furry friends.

Preparing for a pet photography session involves more than just setting up a great environment to shoot; it also entails priming your pet so that they’re in the best mood possible.

While the results of pet photography sessions are wonderful, preparing for your camera session requires a bit of time and planning. From décor to outfits, think about how you’d like to shoot to go through and plan accordingly.

Pet Photography

Tips To Prepare For A Pet Photography Session

To make the most of your session, there are a number of things you can do to help your photographer capture great images of your pet. Below are some general tips you can consider as you prepare for the shoot as well as during the shoot itself.

● Hygiene & Grooming – Help your pet look their best for their pet photography session by doing some basic nail and body grooming. Capture their best self in the photos by scheduling a bath before the shoot and having their hair trimmed and prepped.

● Energy Matters - Consider the types of shots you want to capture. Perhaps you prefer to get a more sleepy kitty or need them to be calm and relaxed for close up shots.

You can get your pet’s energy up by taking them for a short walk or playtime before the session and making sure they’re not too stuffed from a meal. Animals that have a full belly will likely want to sleep which could have an impact on your pet’s mood during the shoot.

● Basic Commands – For those who plan to make this regular thing – maybe you have a budding pet model or enjoy a bit of photography - work with your dog (or other talented animal) and have some basic training commands so that your pet will be more manageable and the shoot happens more efficiently.

● Good Night’s Sleep: Sleep is a must before a photo session. Help your pet get the right amount of energy and wake up with the right disposition by hitting the sack early.

● Pack A Bag – Photo shoot requires a full bag of pet goodies that includes your own food, treats, litter or piddle pads if you’ll be indoors and toys that you’ll need while having your pet photography session. With all the lights, equipment, and confined space, avoid dressing your furry friend with heavy, thick costumes. Choose an outfit (or outfits) that will be comfortable which allows them to move.

● Be Present – Pets are more comfortable and do their best work when they’re with someone they trust. It’s for this reason that a loved one will make the best pet photography assistant.

Pet Photography

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