The Most Breathtaking Aurora Australis Photography

You’ve most likely come across phenomenal photography of the Northern Lights but did you know that Australia’s southern skies have an equally mesmerizing display?

The Southern Hemisphere’s version of auroras – the Aurora Australis - is a magical phenomenon that happens when electrically charged electrons and protons race and collide across the Earth’s magnetic field.

The optimal time to schedule a few days of shooting the sky would be in winter (March to September). Keep in mind that in order to really capture the glory of the lights, photographers will need a lot of patience - as well as the right gear.

But how do we take professional-standard, eye-capturing pictures? A tripod is definitely one of the most important accessories to have in your arsenal. It ensures you are poised and ready to shoot at all times. A camera sensor and long exposure enhances your images further, revealing the magnificent light and colour of Aurora Australis. It’s may sound like lot of effort, but the end results is simply spectacular.

Aurora Australis Photos By Australian Photographers

Below are some of the most breathtaking Aurora Australis photography from some of the best Australian photographers.

Aurora Australis photography Luke O'Brien

Image: Luke O'Brien

Luke O’Brien is a landscape photographer from Tasmania. He specialises in capturing jaw-dropping photos of the local wilderness and offers photography tours and workshops. The image below is a depiction of one of his many works on the southern lights.

As a lover of the digital age, Luke maximises the features of digital camera technology to take his photos to the next level. As a master of photography, he focuses on elements like the spirit of colour, movement and drama, to bring about some breathtaking photos are found on his website.

Aurora Australis photography Katinka Smith

Image: Katinka Smith

Katinka Smith is a skilled photographer from Hobart, Tasmania. The photographer– who is also a mom of two- is dedicated to capturing the explicit and raw beauty of family, emotions and unforgettable experiences. On her blog, she provides a comprehensive photographer’s guide to shooting the Aurora Australis which includes details on the essential equipment, tips on how to shoot, reliable references and highly recommended settings.

Aurora Australis photography Lachlan Manley

Image: Lachlan Manley

Lachlan Manley is a landscape photographer who has been in the industry since 1986. With over three decades of experience, he specialises in coastal photography and nature. As a local photographer, Manley is able to put encapsulate the beauty of his subject in a dramatic way within his photos.

Aurora Australis photography Loic Le Guilly

Image: Tasmania 360

Tasmania 360 is an all access guide to everything gorgeous that Tasmania has to offer. From user-friendly guides to breath-taking images and articles, this website allows readers to discover the beautiful places and people of Tasmania. The site is run by Loic Le Guilly, a Frenchman who’s been living in the community for more than 10 years. He hopes to evoke inspiration in people about Tasmania’s unique culture with this site. Explore the site and see more images of Aurora Australis and other picture-worthy places.

Aurora Australis photography Pete James

Image: Pete James Photography

Pete James is an award-winning fine art landscape and seascape artist. Using dramatic photography techniques, he is able to deliver striking images. Aside from the Ocean Grove, Aurora Australis, he also takes images of sunsets in Barwon Heads bluff, Bells Beach, Pt Lonsdale pier and more.

Aurora Australis photography Jonathan Esling

Image: Jonathan Esling

Jonathan Esling is a Tasmanian photographer whose broad range of interests include nightscapes, seascapes, Australian flora and when available, he also shoots the Aurora Australis. The Hobart, Tasmania native is also a master of macro shots and shooting things at a focus.

Printing Your Aurora Australis Photography

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